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This Mum Can Fitness – a year in pictures

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To celebrate a fabulous first year, I’ve pulled together a montage of pictures to celebrate all that has been achieved this year and to laugh at some fabulous memories!!

(and yes, in answer to your question, this did take me forever to pull together but in my opinion, the end result is definitely worth it!!)

Enjoy 🙂

x Becca

This Mum Can in partnership with David Roberts Physiotherapy

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Got some very exciting news This Mum Can ladies…I’ve partnered with the fabulous David Roberts Physiotherapists in Sale to offer everyone a discount on any treatment that they need.

Obviously the ideal is to not get injured but as we all know, that’s a little bit impossible!!  Therefore, I’ve been in contact with David Roberts Physio and they are very happy to offer a 10% discount on physiotherapy assessment and follow up treatment sessions. The discount would take a 30 minute session to £30.60.

All of their physiotherapists are experienced in the treatment of all sports injuries but also have a special interest in running injuries, sports rehabilitation and, strength and conditioning which works perfectly with all the different training that This Mum Can offers.

It is so important to get any injuries checked out and as I tell all my runners and clients, nothing should hurt during any exercise – some things twinge and obviously aching is normal but nothing should actually hurt.  If it does, then something needs to be done about it and physio is a great option.

The other great part of seeing a physio when you are injured is for the amazing advice that you will receive on common running injuries, not only will they treat the injury, they will offer some tips on rehabilitation and more importantly prevention techniques so that once the issue you have is resolved, you have everything in place so that it (hopefully) wont reoccur!

David Roberts also have massage therapists who offer a variety of different types of massage including sports, Swedish, Indian head and reflexology. The session costs for massage are £25 for 30 minutes and £38 for 1 hour. Unfortunately they cannot offer a discount off these services.

Here’s the contact details for David Roberts Physio:

Address – 45 Northenden Rd, Sale, M33 2DL

Telephone: 0161 962 0491


Opening hours: Mon-Thurs 8am-8pm, Fri 8am-6pm, Sat 8am-1pm

This Mum Can and Red Sky Yoga…the perfect combination!!

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I hadn’t tried yoga before until I was pregnant with my 2nd baby Harry and before doing it, I didn’t really understand it or realise the huge benefits that it can have.  Yoga is fantastic.  It helps develop muscles, strength, flexibility and balance as well as help you to relax and therefore in turn reduce stress (always a bonus in my book!!)

A lot of my antenatal friends did pregnancy yoga the first time round and raved about how great it was for aches and pains and also for how much it helped them during labour with the breathing techniques that it teaches, etc so I was definitely up for trying it when I was pregnant with baby number 2!  This is when I found Red Sky Yoga in Sale.

My yoga teacher was called Phillipa and she was so lovely – just calming even to be around her!! I did a Saturday morning pregnancy yoga class pretty much religiously from 14 weeks pregnant till the end – even going when I was overdue (god I was massive then!!)  It was brilliant.  For me, it was a great way of exercising and staying active as I personally didn’t like running when I was pregnant.

The hours session was a fabulous bit of “me and bump” time without having an almost threenager by my side!  It was genuinely one of the only times I was every alone too as I was working 4 days a week at Kelloggs then and my day off was spent running after Chloe and the weekends were busy doing family stuff – you know how it goes!

Since becoming a personal trainer and starting the running clubs, I’ve done so much research into the different ways of improving your fitness and various different training methods and time and time again I kept coming back to the amazing benefits of yoga and running together.  Yoga and running to many could see like complete polar opposites but it’s proven fact that they totally complement each other.

Yoga aids in developing muscular strength, balance and flexibility which can not only reduce the risk of injury but it can also improve your breathing efficiency which is essential for becoming a great runner.  The element of cross-training between running and yoga is fabulous.  Yoga helps to strengthen your core, eases pain/injuries and can be a fabulous way of helping you run more efficiently and staying injury free.

Many of us runners have various aches and pains, some of which can be highlighted when running – and it’s no wonder as the average runner strikes the ground nearly 1000 times in a single mile!  The constant “pounding of pavements” can mean that you have issues in your muscles, joints, tendons and ligaments and all of these can be strengthened, stretched and improved by doing Yoga.

So I’ll stop blabbering on about the benefits now and get to the point!  When I was doing my pregnancy yoga class, Sophie joined the class and we overlapped by about a month before I had Harry.  After starting This Mum Can, I kept seeing Sophie on social media and quickly realised that she actually owned Red Sky Yoga!!  So I got in contact and requested her as a friend on Facebook.  My thought process was, how cool would it be if two women who run fitness businesses in Sale could work together to complement each other

And that’s exactly what’s happening!  We had a chat (should say meeting really shouldn’t I!! It was more of a chat and play with her two beautiful boys!!) and decided it would be great to offer each other’s clients something so that they can try something different which could complement their exercise routine!

I am offering a free session to anyone who comes down with one of the special flyers that you can pick up from Red Sky’s yoga studios on Washway Road in Sale and on Hampson Street in Sale Moor.  This is for any of my classes – all my circuit training classes as well as my Monday night drop in running club

And…Red Sky Yoga are offering all This Mum Can’ers a 10% discount to any of the yoga classes that are available.  Please give Sophie a call on 07788205662 or drop her an email to and she will give you a unique code to use online when booking your session!  Let me know how you get on 🙂

I look forward to welcoming some Red Sky Yoga people to my classes in the near future.

Any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask!



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I’ve seen a lot on social media today about #maternalmentalhealth and I think it’s fabulous.  It’s a subject extremely close to me and I really don’t think it gets talked about enough.

It’s one of the main reason that I am doing what I am doing – to help people get through the fog and start beginning to feel like them again through exercise.

When Chloe was about 3-4 months old, I felt like I was drowning, that there was no end to the relentless cycle of a newborn baby and I really really struggled to cope.  I was lucky in that I had a supportive husband, had met some fabulous friends though an antenatal group and had some great close friends who had babies already but I still struggled.  I felt like I shouldn’t have struggled because I had all the above but I still did – and it was the strangest, most horrible feeling and I wish I’d talked to people about it.

It’s so hard to admit to yourself that you’re not ok, let alone talk about it to others

You sit in your house in the middle of the afternoon and think “so many people are coping and doing this, why cant I?” or “everyone tells me this is the most amazing time, why am I not enjoying it?”.  You make yourself feel like an outsider in your own life and that there must be something wrong with you as you should be loving every second and embracing “motherhood”!

Luckily I found something which snapped me out of feeling like this.  For me it was exercise (or maybe it was actually just doing something for me and not for the baby!!) I loved it – the feeling of being normal again and feeling like the old me.  I realised then that I needed to make time to be “Becca” and not “Chloe’s Mummy” and thankfully that realisation for me was the trigger I needed to change things for the better and I did, I managed to battle on.  I’m not saying I don’t get down every anymore, I have just somehow developed a coping mechanism for it now which is mostly running but a lot of the time it’s actually organising to go to the pub!!

I now want to help others who are going through the same (or worse) or maybe even prevent others from going through the same cr*ppy situation I went through.  I think we all need to talk more and I want every new mum to realise it’s ok to say you’re not ok and that as much as people look like they’re coping from the outside, that we’re all totally winging it in life.

Please talk to someone if you’re struggling – I just want you to know, I am always here if you need/want to offload.  Remember – someone is ALWAYS listening you are not on your own.

And finally – just in case you havent heard it today – YOU ARE DOING A BRILLIANT JOB!

Who stole March?

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It’s becoming a recurring theme but where in the world is time going??! As if it’s April already. Come on – own up – who stole March??!! Ha ha

It’s been a whirlwind and unfortunately I’m feeling unbelievably stressed with everything at the minute but I’m hoping that by this time next week when I’ve one more class to run before flying off to the sunshine that the world will look a bit brighter!!

I feel stressed at the minute with what seems like everything – work, extension, holiday, life in general!! Everything seems to be going at a million miles an hour and it’s pretty hard going living life constantly like that. I feel like I’m teetering on the edge….why oh why did I decide to start a new business and get an extension within 6 months!! Thank the lord for our project manager Gem – don’t know what I’d do without her!!

The final straw was this morning when I took Chloe to nursery to walk into the pre-school room and see EVERYONE dressed up as superheroes. I missed it – apparently it was in the weekly newsletter which for the first time in about 3 years I didn’t read as I was on a (epic) hen do this weekend!! I cried in the car – what a loser – over fancy dress! But it wasn’t about fancy dress – it was a kind of symbol of how much I’m juggling at the minute and how me being this busy and stressed affects others. I’m sure Chloe didn’t give a damn – in fact I reckon she thought it was quite cool walking into a room full of superheroes!! The nursery had a few spare outfits that they said they’d put her in after breakfast so hopefully when I pick her up in a bit, she’ll have had a great day.

This got me thinking about stress and how it affects me. There are so many little triggers for stress which can so easily turn a normally sane person (ha – who am I kidding!!) into a little bit of a mentalist! I keep losing my rag at the slightest things and I feel like I’m juggling everything and winging it just enough to cope with everything but not enough to be doing anything to my best. I try writing it down (because if I’m honest if I don’t, I’ll forget it!) but then even that seems to be failing at the minute as I have too many different lists and I don’t know where to start so I end up procrastinating about the big things and missing the little ones.

In terms of the business – that’s actually one thing that I’m not actually stressed about – for the first time in 7 months anyway. Or maybe I still am but everything else is just trumping it so I’m not feeling it – ha ha. March has been amazing – I started a new beginners running club with 37 ladies in, I started a new 5-10k club with 18 ladies in, got another couple of stories about me on social media (made me feel totally famous the one from the Great Run people!!) and I’ve got a few exciting ideas in the pipeline which will hopefully come to fruition later on in May or early June – watch this space!

Hopefully a break and a time to relax (yeah right, Hong Kong with the hubby, the parents and the two kids!!) or at the very least drink a lot of nice wine in the sunshine!! We’re off to Vietnam for 4 days which is just going to be amazing!! Been a LOOOOOOONG time since we chilled in a beach resort!

But first, I’m hoping to have a extremely productive weekend starting with clearing my head at Stretford Parkrun on Saturday morning with some lovely This Mum Can runners…otherwise I’ll be in a bit of a pickle by the time it comes to Wednesday and I realise that I haven’t got anything sorted at all for the holiday!!

Right I’m off – got to go do pickup and hope to god the little ones have no idea about this mornings #epicfail!!

January – you’ve been a dream!

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Sorry I’ve not blogged in a while – I think if you read on you will see why I’ve not quite had the chance to sit down and write but I’ve just made myself stop for an hour and take stock of what’s happened in the last 6 weeks!  First off – thank you so much to everyone who came down for my This Mum Can Christmas Party – it was so amazing to see so many of you down there socially and I promise to do another one soon!

Now….onto my musings about January…

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a January so much in all my life!  I definitely had no time for the January blues or to stop and think how quick Christmas passed this year as it’s been a bit of a blur!  So many great things have happened.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I love a list so here goes – this is my January highlights:

  • I started 5 new classes in January – crazy!
  • 35 ladies started my beginners Couch to 5k Running Club
  • I started 5k Smash and RunFit classes on a Monday night and have so far had a record number of 23 people come and that was last week so who knows where this is going to go!
  • My Kellogg Running Club finished and the lovely Laura managed to run for 30 minutes non stop – in just 10 weeks and has now signed herself up for a 10k race in March I may (maybe!!) have created another runner!!
  • 84 new likes on Facebook
  • Hit over 300 followers on Twitter
  • Survived Jamie being away for a week in the US – thank you so much to my amazing friends who helped me out with babysitting in the evenings – and huge kudos to Harry for keeping me up every night just to make that week even harder than it needed to be!!! #teethingtoddler
  • I completed Runuary 2017 which was an event which challenged me to run everyday in January.  I ran a pretty amazing (if I do say so myself) 108k in January!!  It was bloody tough going and some days I only managed a meagre 200-300 metres but I did it – I even dragged the dog round with me a few times which he wasn’t too impressed about!
  • I’ve had my biggest classes to date in Worthington Park with a whopping 15 mums and babies coming down to workout and then had an amazing 11 ladies down to my Wednesday evening class at Sale Sports Club
  • Had the most amazing Sports Massage at Dymanic Chiropractic in Sale – was worth the pain (and multiple apologies about my swearing) as I felt lighter than air when it was done and I think I actually bounced out the place!!

So it’s safe to say January – you’ve been a dream, a very tiring, knackering and achy dream but I really hope that February turns into #fabulousfebruary which is currently trending on Twitter, I cant wait to see what it holds for me and This Mum Can – slightly regretting the challenge I made with my friend Alex that we’d both run another 100k in February!!  Roll on the lighter nights and warmer mornings – little bit bored of wearing 4 layers every day!!

November….it’s been bloody cold!

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Novembers been a tough month.  It’s been ridiculously cold but I am still so immensely proud of everything that is happening with the business.  It’s been hard for a number of reasons – the weather, lower numbers at classes, the fact the whole world seems to be poorly and blinking Trafford Council still not approving my Altrincham class.

Last week I was feeling a bit down about everything and properly doubting myself as to whether I can make this work and make it a viable income to live on but this week I’m feeling a lot more positive.  I’ve had some amazing conversations with members of the class and it’s helped so much.

On Monday I was chatting to the two members of my Urmston class about post natal depression and how badly the so called “baby blues” can affect you and it was amazing to hear them open up to each other and talk it through.  It really re-affirmed how important it is to talk about how you are feeling because almost all the time, not only have people have been through similar and can resonate with you but saying how you feel and getting reassurance that you’re not going crazy is one of the best things ever.

Then on Monday evening at my running club I was amazed at how long everyone could run and heard some fabulous progress updates.  Not only did everyone run for 30 mins with just a 1 minute break which just astounds me, I heard that one of the members has lost a whopping 2 inches from her waist, 1 has started to put on weight for the first time in 2 years (which is her aim!) and someone else had lost over half a stone – just in 10 weeks.

Tuesday it was below freezing -1 but I still had a great turnout of 7 amazing mums to my class to have a workout. It was cold but a proper beautiful British morning which really helped!

Finally today – I trained one of my PT clients this morning and got the most lovely text from her after the session which basically just said thanks, really cleared her head and properly set her up for the day – amazing!

All these things just make it so worthwhile.  It might be a tough (and extremely cold!!) slog through winter but I’ve decided to stay positive and do everything I can to make this work.  I’m absolutely loving everything about my new “job” and I put it in inverted commas because it genuinely doesn’t feel like work when i’m training people.  I have so much fun and love meeting so many people and helping them through whatever challenges they’re facing.

Hearing success stories and being part of those is one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done!

Right…enough of being cheesy now.  The plans for This Mum Can for January are extremely exciting – a new beginners running club, a 5k Smash run club, a 5-10k run club, maybe a new class in Sale and surely to god Trafford Council cant take much longer to approve my Altrincham class…surely!!  Roll on the Christmas Party on the 13th – see you there for a few cheeky prosecco’s!!

National Stress Awareness Day – 02/11/16

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With everything we have to balance now between life, the kids and work, it’s no wonder most people walk around in a chronic state of stress.  Stress is in essence an inevitable part of life.  There is an extremely strong correlation between using exercise to manage stress levels so to mark National Stress Awareness Day today, I’ve done some research and have compiled my thoughts in this blog.

Exercise is vital for maintaining mental fitness, and it can definitely reduce stress levels. When stress affects the brain, the rest of the body feels the impact as well, so it stands to reason that if your body feels better, so does your mind. According to ADAA, studies have shown that exercise is very effective at reducing fatigue, improving alertness and concentration, and at enhancing overall cognitive function. This can be especially helpful when stress has depleted your energy or ability to concentrate.

Even five minutes of aerobic exercise can stimulate anti-anxiety effects – a workout can help take your mind off your worries.

Aerobic exercise is key for your head (and your heart) You may not agree at first as the first steps are the hardest, and in the beginning, exercise will be more work than fun. But as you start improving your fitness levels, you’ll begin to tolerate exercise, then finally you’ll begin enjoying it (hopefully).

Physical activity improves your body’s ability to use oxygen and also improves blood flow. Both of these changes have a direct effect on your brain.  When we exercise, hormones are released. Stress hormones such as cortisol are decreased and ‘feel good’ chemicals such as serotonin and endorphins (the body’s natural pain killers) are released, therefore helping to naturally enhance your mood and reduce stress.

The repetitive motions involved in exercise promote a focus on your body, rather than your mind. By concentrating on the rhythm of your movements, you experience many of the same benefits of meditation while working out.

Most people notice an improvement in their mood immediately after a workout. Those feelings don’t end there, but generally become cumulative over time. If you make exercise part of your normal routine, the chances are, you will find committing to regular exercise much easier.  Frequent aerobic exercise will bring amazing changes to your body, your metabolism, your heart, and your spirits. It has the ability to exhilarate and relax, to provide stimulation and calm, to counter depression and dissipate stress.

By improving your physical health, the hope is you’ll have one less to feel stressed about.

Month #2!!

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Month #2 is nearing to a close and it’s been great but gone far too quickly!  Today is my baby boy’s 1st Birthday and I cant believe it.  So much has happened and changed in the last year and I took a huge risk in starting up a brand new business but it’s paying off.

I’ve got 3 personal training clients now and my classes are going from strength to strength.  I started in Urmston 3 weeks ago and have met some lovely ladies over there who have started on their fitness journeys.  My plan was to get out and flyer and poster all round Urmston on Monday but Harry had different ideas and was poorly so we had to put that on hold – hopefully will get to it next week!  Need to start spreading the word and get it as popular as the Sale one!

I’m averaging between 8-10 people per class which is fabulous and the running club is going great.  The ladies managed to do 2 x 5 minute runs without stopping this week and I am in awe of how well everyone is doing.  The little facebook group that I’ve set up on there is really popular and I love seeing the ladies on there organising their own runs and making new friends – it’s exactly what I hoped it would be used for and is totally the essence of why I set up This Mum Can.

So I’ve now got a manic 5 days with Harry’s birthday today, off to see Stickman at the Lowry on Friday, joint Birthday party for both kids on Saturday afternoon and finishing with Chloes 4th birthday on Sunday!!  Who has kids with birthdays 4 days apart….and always in October half term!!  Ha ha

Running Club…what can I say – A-M-A-Z-I-N-G

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So what started as a simple Facebook post to a popular group called “What’s on in Sale” on a sunday night 3 weeks ago, has turned into one of the best things ever!  This Mum Can’s first every running group started on Monday night and it was amazing!  There were 30 of us – more of a clan than a club!  It was everything I hoped it would be – friendly, enthusiastic, fun – everything that exercise needs to be to make it remain part of your life.

To all of you who came on Monday – huge round of applause.  Many of you were extremely nervous and I hope I put you at ease with my little ramble before starting.  You are genuinely all in the same boat and as I told some of you on Monday – you have done the hardest thing, you signed up to a class and came!  I know it sounds like its nothing but that is HUGE – it’s the biggest step towards getting fit.

There are varying levels of fitness in the group which is to be expected but you all have one goal – to learn how to run!  It may take some longer than others because there are some (annoying) people who are natural runners and there are some (like me!) who have to battle through every minute to get to the rest time.  Please please please stick with it!  You will see improvements so quickly – trust me!  If you stick to your 3 runs a week, you will achieve your goal and we will SMASH Stretford Parkrun on Saturday 10th December!!

I set up a closed group on Facebook for the runners to get to know each other and to stay in contact to motivate each other and shout about their achievements so I really hope that helps maybe create some friendships and support everyone through the 10 weeks.

I cant wait to see if I can bring this club to other locations – the only tough thing is not having enough nights in the week so i’m hoping I can do lunchtime or before work ones to Altrincham/Hale and maybe Urmston.  Please spread the word and get people to contact me if they are interested in getting started.